When you choose BillyBooks!, you’re pretty much a superhero—because every one of our book fairs is a chance to do something great.

Buy a book and create new worlds of possibility for a child (or mom or uncle Jeff, for that matter). Host a fair and give your employees an out-of-this-world perk. Host a fundraising fair, and get a share of the proceeds to do some powerful good—whether it’s much-needed funds for hospital programs, or much-wanted toys for tots.


Everything about it is super. We come to you, locally, with a huge selection of books—especially kids’ books—at amazing prices. And hosting costs nothing, which is even more amazing. Plus, it’s always an exciting event, so whether you’re coming from ten blocks over or three floors up, you’ll want to be first on the scene.

There’s more than one way to save the day: when you buy or host BillyBooks, great things happen. (No leaping tall buildings required.)


…And fun. And opportunity. BillyBooks! was built on all three.

What we do is simple: we share amazing books at 50–80% off list price with people who love books.

How we do it is pretty simple too: we organize mobile book fairs that are hosted on-site by hospitals, schools, corporations or other organizations. Sometimes they’re charity fundraisers, sometimes just a fun way to do something good for tenants and employees. The fairs are always local, lively and no cost to the host.

Why we do it? That’s not exactly simple, but it’s the best part:

First, it’s because we believe that everyone, and we mean everyone, should have access to great books. And frankly, to fun. Price should never be an obstacle to reading, and finding books (or games, or toys) should be an adventure.

Second, we think that doing well should help others do well too. So we create opportunities for hospitals, schools or other charities to share in the proceeds from our fairs. And even those fairs that aren’t linked to charities are an opportunity to do something for others, even something as simple as a company making its employees a little happier.

And when you start with fun and opportunity, the possibilities are endless.


Whether children’s books that set fire to the imagination, cookbooks to fire up the grill, or fitness books that help you feel the burn, we’ve got nearly 1,000 titles at any one time—all of them top quality, at prices that are truly incredible.

Add to that coloring books and workbooks. Games, toys and puzzles. Backpacks and nightlights that keep kids’ favorite characters close at hand. All with the power to make someone’s day.

Best Sellers:

Best Sellers

New Releases:

New Releases

Toys & Games:

Toys and Games


Every BillyBooks! fair is an opportunity to play—and often a chance to level the playing field for a charity you believe in.

Where to Find Us:

Billy Books can’t be everywhere at once (no matter how super we are), but we’re pretty local, pretty often. Just give our calendar a look.

Our Charity Partners:

The right books can work wonders. Here’s just a selection of the organizations that have benefitted from our fairs.


The Brooklyn Hospital Center
Elmhurst Hospital Center
The Greater Hudson Valley Family Health Center
Heritage Health and Housing
Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund
Jacobi Medical Center
Long Island College Hospital/Morgan Health Sciences Library
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Library
Morris Heights Health Center

Mount Sinai Roosevelt Volunteer Program
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
The New York Times Neediest Cases Fund
North Central Bronx Hospital
P.S. 6, The Lillie D. Blake School
Queens Hospital Center
Reach Out and Read of Greater New York
Susan G. Komen of Greater New York City
Toys for Tots
Urban Health Plan


We all know reading is a foundation for learning, for growth, for a happy future. But so is fun.

That’s why a Billy Books fair is nothing like going to the bookstore, where things cost too much (not fun) or the library, where people shush you (really not fun).

Here, you get the best possible prices on truly great reads. Like 50–80% off list price. That’s across a huge selection of books, especially the titles that kids and teens are craving. All of it sold in a downright party atmosphere, right in your building or neighborhood. And if that’s so exciting you want to jump around and shout about it, no one’s stopping you.


BillyBooks! lobby book fairs raise money for our program and provide staff and people visiting the hospital the opportunity to buy high quality, low cost books. This helps us promote a culture of reading among our hospital community. BillyBooks! takes care of everything—it could not be easier to work with them. We are most grateful for the support they provide!

— Amy Woolever, M.D.
Director of Reach Out and Read
Elmhurst Hospital Pediatric Department

BillyBooks! has made it very easy for us by providing promotional flyers for wide spread distribution and posters for display throughout the hospital, in advance of each book fair. They are professionals who take tremendous pride in their merchandise and service.

— Linda Loeb
Director of Development
Jacobi Medical Center

We highly recommend Billy Books to one and all. The on-site display is always aesthetically pleasing. The Billy Books staff is very personable, knowledgeable and patient. The books and games are always a wonderful mix and low in cost. Needless to say, the hospital staff, patients and visitors have been delighted with the selection, quality, and the prices. And the Auxiliary has received significant rebates that go toward the funding of needed enhancements to patient care. We plan to continue to host this extremely successful event three times a year indefinitely.

— Edison Speck
Jacobi Medical Center Auxiliary, Inc.


You don’t have to do superhuman feats. Just make your space available for a day, and we’ll come to you.

We build a professional book fair on the spot, from the ground-up. After an exciting event (we promise), we take it away, even though you may beg us not to. You can choose to invite the community, or keep it an in-house affair. Either way, it costs you nothing and earns you a great deal—whether it’s a portion of proceeds to benefit charity, or simply the gratitude of your employees or tenants. It’s a story that ends with win-win.

Whatever feats (superhuman or other) you’re hoping to achieve, we can build a fair around them:

Want To Host A Fair?

Great. Let’s talk about organizing an internal book event, to provide an amazing perk to your employees or tenants. Or, maybe you want to open it up to the community: what better way to be a good neighbor? Either way, it’s free to you—but can earn you a lot of loyalty and local goodwill.

Let’s start talking!

Want To Host A Fundraiser?

Great books can do great things. Like helping rebuild a hospital library. Or a hurricane-damaged home. Like helping stop the spread of breast cancer. Or illiteracy.

Whichever charities mean the most to you, we can help you come to the rescue by sharing the profits from one of our fairs. It can take the form of a direct donation to a charity you partner with, like Toys for Tots, City Harvest or the the Reach Out & Read Program. Or, in the case of hosts with their own non- or not-for-profit programs, it can be a percentage of the total proceeds of the fair. (In dollars, or if you prefer, in books.)

And whether yours is a cause we’re familiar with, or new to us, we’re always open to doing new good. (Or should we say “great?”)

We’ll start by calling or emailing you back.

The point is, we’re excited to hear from you, and to help however we can. Just fill in the form below, and we’ll get back to you pronto. Or, if you prefer, email us directly here:

We thank you, and the books thank you.